Passover Seder – Shulchan Orech

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Seder means order and on Passover, there are two nights in which a seder takes place. Fun Fact: There were fifteen steps leading to the Temple, corresponding to the fifteen Shir Ha’ma’alot (songs of Ascent) found in Psalms. Similarly, the Seder follows a fifteen stage-process of ascent. Shluchan Orech is the 10th. During this step, Read More

The Purim Connection

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What is a Jew? Where does the word “Jew” even come from? In a world overflowing with search engines and books, the answer should seem quite evident, right? Jews-chosen people? Nation? Religion? But, is that the definition of the word “Jew”? As Jews, are we really aware of our responsibility as Jews and what being Read More

Countdown to the Shabbaton Day 7: The Learning!

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Only one week left until we all unite as one and feel that pride, love, strong energy at the CTeen INTL Shabbaton, What a feeling! With the shabbaton approaching, the anticipation is running high…I cannot wait to see you all! The thing that I am most looking forward to at this year’s Shabbaton is the Read More

Share the Truth

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The Jewish world was once again torn apart today  (January 8, 2017) following a terrorist attack that happened in Jerusalem. Four soldiers were murdered, and fifteen others were wounded when a truck drove off the street and onto the sidewalk in Armon Hanatziv. Words cannot describe the pain and anguish that followed upon hearing this Read More

Introducing… Ysabella!

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Watch: Cteen Leadership Award Ceremony Introducing myself has never been quite enjoyable. Well, to be fair and very cheesy to say the least not all life has to offer can be enjoyable. Unfortunately not everything can be as eventful as watching paint dry or as pleasurable as reading the dictionary. I can only hope introducing myself Read More
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