5 Misconceptions to not Pass Over

5 years ago Andegeko 0
It’s finally the time of year for Passover! A time when we learn about and celebrate the journey of the Jews out of Egypt to the land of Israel. I’m sure that during this time of year, you hear many funny misconceptions about Passover. Here are the top five. 1. “Wait, If I don’t like Read More

My CTeen Shabbaton Experience!

6 years ago Andegeko 0
Hey everyone! Tomer here. I want to share my thoughts about one of the best experiences of my life, the 2017 CTeen International Shabbaton. The excitement leading up to the Shabbaton every year is always incredible, but this one felt different. It was going to be the first year for me without some of my Read More

Countdown to the Shabbaton Day 6: Times Square

6 years ago Andegeko 0
Right after the best Shabbat, we’re hopping on the subway heading to the best party you’ve ever been to. 2000 people in Times Square for a live Havdallah and concert! You can feel the energy, excitement, and Jewish pride like you’ve never felt before. You can only experience it at one place—the CTeen Shabbaton! I Read More


6 years ago Andegeko 0
Hey there, I’m Tomer Andegeko. I’m 16 years old and I am a CTeen leader from Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is my first time writing for Cteen Connection, so let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Israel in Petach Tikvah and I grew up in Ramat Hasharon until I Read More
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