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After having a delicious meal with our families, it’s time to thank G-d for all the food we just ate with bentching. Following bentching, we then have the third cup of wine. Next, we fill up the prophet Elijah’s cup and welcome him by opening the doors. This is a time for us to ask Read More

Passover Games

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Since Pesach is around the corner, here are some games to spice up the holiday prep. Play these with your family and friends at the seder table: 1. Ten Plagues Headbands: To play this game, everyone has to put a card that will have a photo of a plague on it on their forehead, using Read More

Taking a gap year

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Hey guys! Exciting news! I’m taking a gap year to go study in Israel! Woohoo! For those of you who don’t know, a gap year is a year taken between high school and college; some people may work, travel, or even volunteer. I chose to take this year to study abroad. How did this New Read More

CTeen Shabbaton: Inspiring Moments

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We all have that one moment that truly inspires us. This past CTeen Shabbaton is one I will never forget, and the moments of inspiration I experienced will stay with me forever. There are so many moments that stick out in my mind as being inspiring and life changing. It started at the beginning of Read More

Countdown to the Shabbaton Day 10: Getting All CTeen’ed Out!

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Getting CTeen’ed out is an essential part to getting ready for the shabbaton. Here are the steps you need to take to get all CTeen’ed Out! First off, head to the CTeen Gear Store for a swag fix. Pick out all of the gear you plan on wearing throughout the shabbaton (and, let’s be honest, Read More

8 Reasons Chanukah is the BEST Jewish Holiday

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8 Reasons Chanukah is the BEST Jewish Holiday 1.The Garb: Nowadays, Chanukah apparel has become a huge trend. You can find sweaters containing light up menorahs, cute puns, and even the classic ugly Chanukah sweater! 2.The Food: If you like fried food, then this holiday is just right for you! From delicious jelly donuts, to Read More


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Hello everyone! My name is Sydney Winawer, representing CTeen of West Suffolk County. I am a very outgoing, dedicated, and have an everlasting love for Judaism. Dedication and determination have helped me overcome many challenges throughout my life. One of the challenges I have overcome recently is school and school work. Throughout most of my Read More

7 Ways Pokemon Go is the Ultimate Jewish Game

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Never give up: We Jews are well known for having chutzpah, and for going that extra mile to achieve our goals. The Pokemon phenomenon really puts our global chutzpah to the test….have you seen how far people will go to catch Pokemon? Imagine if they’d channel that energy for something else…wow! Facing and conquering our Read More

Chesed: Kindness

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Chesed: Kindness What is kindness? Kindness can be anything; opening the door for someone, giving back to your community, showing that you care about a friend, family member, or even a stranger. To me, kindness is all about how you can affect another person. Using small acts of kindness, you’re are able to make that Read More

Top Ten Ways You Know Passover is Around the Corner

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Top Ten Ways You Know It’s Almost Passover   Since passover is just around the corner here is list of the top ten ways you know passover is coming.   Number 1 :  Turning over your house for passover. You know Passover is around the corner when your house gets flipped upside and cleaned inside Read More
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