Bonfires, S’mores, and Way More!

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Lag Ba’Omer is a festive Jewish holiday that lands on the 33rd day of the Omer count. A day filled with fun, family, and festivity, it is also a day that commemorates the day of passing for the great scholar, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. He lived in the second century of the common era and Read More


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       Motzei Shabbat  (Saturday night), as 2000+ of us teens meet in Times Square in New York City, emotions and excitement fly everywhere. From the second your feet hit the subway station’s floor, a shock of energy strikes your body. You look to the right and there is a billboard with your chapter on it, you Read More

Leadership Word Search

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Leadership Word Search In the great anticipation for this year’s leadership retreat, enjoy finding the characteristics of a Cteen leader. R T P S A W A R E L L G K S D T P Q M X C M C X J U M V O I R I K E Y E Read More

It’s LIT!

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Lag BaOmer, the thirty third day of the Omer count, is a festive day on the Jewish calendar. Many people have the custom to celebrate it by lighting bonfires and going on special outings, but where did it all come from? I mean, as much as bonfires are fun, what does it have to do Read More

Keeping the Purim Happiness Alive

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Purim is over, we need to make sure we carry out the tremendous happiness throughout the rest of the year. As high schoolers, it’s not easy to take a break from our hectic schedules and “be happy.” I’m sure we all have heard the phrase “don’t worry, be happy” before. Sorry, but since when is Read More
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