The Start of Something New

5 years ago sfranco 0
From the first time I arrived in Crown Heights, on the first day of the NYC Shabbaton in 9th grade, something in my life changed. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole week. I loved everything about CTeen. I knew it was my crowd. I really was not much of a “leader” in my community, it Read More

Israel in my soul

5 years ago sfranco 0
Israel has been a huge part of my life my whole life. I am often asked why. Why do you care so much about Israel? What makes it so important? These questions forced me to think. The fact that I had to think says something in itself. I never had to think about why Israel Read More

First Generation Freedom

5 years ago sfranco 0
I take a lot of pride in being a first generation American. My mother’s side worked very hard and sacrificed everything to come to the United States from Russian to live their “American dream.” They constantly lived in fear and never felt safe. Basic concepts that we have as Americans such as freedom of speech Read More
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