Write, Pray, Love

6 years ago Risa Mond 0
Have you ever truly thought about how powerful that one word is? Writing can be private or public. A place to let out all your feelings, show your talent of poetry, or get the news out about a recent event to inform the world. To some, writing is a chore, but to others, it’s how Read More

Gevurah: Discipline with a Twist

7 years ago Risa Mond 0
The second night of passover starts an expedition. No, I’m not talking about the journey of the second seder (though yes, it is a journey!), but the journey to discovery. The 14th of Nissan is when the Jewish people start counting the Omer. When the Jews were enslaved in Egypt, the environment rubbed off on Read More

Got Kosher? GW Does!

7 years ago Risa Mond 0
For CTeen Alum Carly Meisel, taking no is not an option. Of the over 140 colleges in America that offer a Kosher meal plan to accommodate the Jews at their college, Carly found herself at one of the universities that does not offer a Kosher food plan. To oblige the 33% of Jews on campus Read More

Passover: It’s Getting Personal

7 years ago Risa Mond 0
Jewish holidays are always about what happened in the past; something we need to remember, something to recall from days long ago. But these stories are not just tales we tell about people and events that occurred 2,000+ years ago. These stories are timeless and important. So if we’re putting so much emphasis on something, Read More

Enough Is Never Enough

7 years ago Risa Mond 0
There are 7,410,963,352 people in this world. 13,546,762 Jews in the world. Mind blowing. By looking at a statistical standpoint, if the Jewish people make up only .2% of the full population it shouldn’t be so hard to impact everyone. So, we have have reached out to every Jew by now…right? Wrong. If we have Read More

“Are you afraid of being oppressed?”

7 years ago Risa Mond 0
I am a writer; a friend, a sister, a daughter. I am an athlete, lover of life, a traveler. I listen to way too much music; I love to read, and I’m always asking questions. Sounds like a normal 18 year old girl—right? Right! Well, that’s not all. Most importantly, I am a Jewish girl….a Read More

From CTeen to Crown Heights

7 years ago Risa Mond 0
There is a famous saying that goes: “Man plans and G-d laughs.” I’ve always found that quote to be equally funny and unnerving. We think we’re in control. We think we know where we’re going. But, G-d sometimes has plans for us that are different than the ones we make for ourselves. I heard this Read More

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

7 years ago Risa Mond 0
433 injured, 128 dead, and the world terrified. On Friday, November 13th, multiple suicide bombings and shootings occurred throughout Paris at a music venue, sports stadium, and a cafe where innocent people were trying to enjoy their Friday night. Since I observe Shabbat, I was not able to keep up with the news; my father Read More

An Eye for an Eye

7 years ago Risa Mond 0
October 13th, a day I will never forget. Why? Because my varsity high school volleyball team won our first game of the season. Something we had worked so hard for was finally achieved. A day to be remembered forever. October 13th, a day Richard Lakin’s family will never forget. Why? Because, Richard was killed in Read More

A Call to Arms

7 years ago Risa Mond 0
Tuesday and yesterday marked Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, the first day in the month of Cheshvan in the Jewish calendar. Morning prayers are occupied with an additional uplifting section of Hallel, filled with joyous songs praising G-d. It also marks another day in Israel filled with anxious, helpless, and scared civilians worried that if they want to go Read More
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