Parsha Nitzavim

3 years ago Orli Richman 0
“Atem Nitzavim hayom coolchem leefney hashem elocechem” You are standing here today before the lord your G-d. Just like the upcoming holiday of Rosh Hashanah, in parsha Nitzavim the entire Jewish nation is standing before G-d, men, women and children. With every soul before him, G-d directly tells us about life and death and in Read More

Tu B’shvat: Actualization vs Potential

4 years ago Orli Richman 0
In Jewish teaching, we are taught about four new years. The first as we know is Rosh Hashanah but what are the others you may ask? Well the first is the first day of Nissan. This new year was the first commandment Hashem gave the Jewish people, to sanctify the new year. Additionally, it is Read More


5 years ago Orli Richman 0
“There are Jews in Stony Brook?!” This question is a common one and I’m proud to say that yes there are and I am one of them. Hi, my name is Orli Richman of Cteen Stony Brook! To start off, I am 15 years old, I’m going into junior year and I am on my Read More
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