9 Questions with Meir Kay

1 month ago Noah Roffe 0
Meir Kay is a Jewish celebrity who devoted his life in educating others on self-value, spreading happiness/simcha/positivity, and making peoples days a little bit better. From messing around with strangers, to explaining life lessons in simple ways, Meir’s videos spreads happiness to all different types of people. Check out our interview with him here! 9 Read More

The Embassy Move to Jerusalem

1 month ago Noah Roffe 0
December 06, 2017 will always be an historic date for Jewish nation. On this day, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, officially recognized Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jews, as the capital of Israel, and announced that the US will move its embassy to Jerusalem! Since its establishment, Israel’s capital has been Read More

6 Things You Need to Know About Media Bias

2 months ago Noah Roffe 0
Hey CTeeners, I am writing today to bring a very important problem to your attention. The media has a very big impact on our daily lives and opinions. What we see on the news or in social media influences us to think a certain way—but is the media always correct? Unfortunately, it is not; one example Read More

A Deeper Explanation to Maggid

9 months ago Noah Roffe 0
Hey CTeeners! As you may know, the Pesach seder is a very specific and organized series of actions relating to the holiday and miracle of Pesach.  But what is the point of all those small specific actions, stories, and paragraphs that we read? What is the meaning behind them? To fully understand the meaning behind Read More

The True Meaning of Purim

11 months ago Noah Roffe 0
Purim is a time of happiness and joy. Did you know that we are commanded to be happy? On Purim, we celebrate the defeat of our enemies, remember the decree waged against us by Haman, and recall the miraculous way in which the Jews were saved by the hands of Esther, Mordechai, and Hashem. While Read More
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