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By Gabrielle Sharbin 3 days is a long time. 72 hours. 4,320 minutes, 259,200 seconds. The expression, time flies when you’re having fun, is an enormous understatement. Those 3 days, filled with spirit, and friendship, zipped by in a blink of an eye. But at the 6th annual Cteen International Shabbaton 3 days wasn’t nearly Read More

Shabbaton Fever!

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By Yasmine Shahar The Shabbaton is two months away! Can you believe it! It seems like FOREVER since we have all seen each other! To all those who have not been to the Shabbaton let me just tell you that this year will be the best year yet! Not only will Alex Clare be coming Read More

Parshat Bo!

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By Yasmine Shahar This weeks’ Parsha is Parshat Bo! In last weeks’ Parsha, Egypt was inflicted with the first seven of the Makot (Plagues). In this weeks’ Parsha, Moshe warns Pharaoh about the eighth plague, but Hashem hardens Pharaoh’s heart, and Pharaoh does not allow for all the Jews to leave Egypt. Now, you may be Read More

Parshat Shemot

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By Yasmine Shahar In this weeks’ parsha we begin the book of Shemot (the second book of the Torah). At the beginning of the Torah portion the children of Israel are multiplying and Paroah has decided to trick the Jews into slavery. At first, he would help and pay the Jews who were helping expand Read More

Parshat Vayechi

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By Yasmine Shahar The Parshat of the week is Parshat Vayechi: Yaakov and his family make a new life in Egypt. Yaakov lives another 17 years in Egypt until he passes away with all his children at his side. He makes sure to bless all his children, in the way he believes proper. Now, Yaakov Read More

My CTeen Experience

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By: Casey Lamar 6:00 PM on a Sunday. I walk into the Chabad House in Fairfax, VA,   already smelling the pasta and French fries cooking in the kitchen. After some   quick chatting, I take up my usual seat in the library and wait for Rabbi Adler   to start the class. He opens up Read More

Feeding homeless stomachs, filling teenage minds

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By, Arielle Menn One of the most surprising lessons I have ever learned is that some of the most useful lessons I will ever learn come from a very unexpected source: homeless people. Last November, Jewish teens from the Seattle area got the opportunity to see the real lives of Seattle’s homeless in Tent City. Read More

My Chanukah

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By Sarah Zolty My Chanukah was unforgettable. Me and my dad went to Peurto Rico as a father daughter trip. The beautiful scenery and moments made me realize how lucky I am to be alive and enjoy this world that G-d gave to us. When I got home, we had a beautifully decorated Chanukah table and Read More
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