Shabbaton Countdown Day 5: Shabbat!

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By Zack Horowitz I don’t know about you guys, but for me, the ultimate part of the Shabbaton is Shabbat! Last year, us boys took a tour of 770, followed by Friday night prayer and then the biggest loudest, coolest Shabbat dinner I had ever been to. From singing at the top of our lungs Read More

Shabbaton Countdown Day 4: Jewish Pride Alive!

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By Netanel Ashkenazi Walking around the streets of NY and seeing so many Jewish people, teens especially was definitely a highlight of mine because you don’t get to see that in San Antonio. Everyone was constantly saying good Shabbos and Shabbat Shalom as well as singing out songs one top of our lungs and everyone Read More

Blessings Guide

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Stop and take a moment to make a blessing on each food you eat. Here’s a handy-dandy guide to use for all your blessing needs!   Bread made from the five species (wheat, barley, rye, spelt, or oat). However, for it to be considered “bread” the majority of liquid needs to be water. (Ex: pasta is Read More


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It is a universal truth that young Jewish girls, like myself, strives for a deeper connection not only with Ha’Shem, but also with fellow peers. I am Elizabeth Svinkin of Columbus, Ohio. Let’s get the basics out of way: I’m a sophomore in high school, I play piano, I run cross country, I voraciously read Read More

Hear O Israel…

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By Rachel Wilkes Hollywood, Florida שמע ישראל ה׳ אלוהינו ה׳ אחד.. What do these words truly mean? Everyone knows that the literal translation is, “Hear O Israel, The Lord is our G-d, The Lord is one.” But, as I learned over the course of the past three weeks on CTeen Heritage Quest, I learned that Read More

CTeen Takes Over Tzfat!

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By Rachel Wilkes Hollywood, Florida We spent the past couple of days in Tzfat. What an amazing experience! On our first day there, we met a scribe and learned about what it takes to write a Torah. It was incredible to see how much work goes into making something that in our eyes is so small, like Read More

Onward to Israel!

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By Zack Horowitz Wilmington, Delaware While I knew that the Cteen Heritage Quest would be spiritual, meaningful, and emotional, I could not have predicted just how touching it was going to be. Yes, we are only one week in. But this week has been more substantial, more impassioned, and more surreal than any other week Read More

United We Stand

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By Tania Brand Montreal, Canada Poland is an extraordinary country to connect with our ancestors. I have read numerous novels on the Holocaust, interviewed survivors and researched a fair amount about it, and I imagined what the conditions of the Jews were, but it is completely different seeing it with my own eyes. This trip Read More

Poland, Day Two: The Road to Heaven

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By Yoni Schochat Cherry Hill, NJ Tuesday, July 19, 2016 Today, on our second day in Poland, the adventure really began. First, we visited the Warsaw Jewish Cemetery. This cemetery was and still is  the sight of Jewish graves from all throughout Jewish history. A mere few of the graves were a result of the Read More

Poland Reflections: Day Two

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By Ben Bursk Manchester, England Today whilst in Poland we endeavoured to a couple different places of historical Jewish value, but one place stood out over all of the rest:  Chelmno extermination camp.While we were there, there we experienced something that will never leave my memory.  As walked in, nothing seemed different than the other Read More
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