Shavuot: Revisited

2 months ago Emilio Chayo 0
Once again we come closer to another wonderful Jewish holiday, and what better holiday is there but Shavuot? The day of the year you break your  diet, and stuff your face with cheesecake and ice cream and don’t even feel too bad about it because, hey! It’s Shavuot! You are supposed to do it! Shavuot Read More

Unity in Fire

3 months ago Emilio Chayo 0
Lag B’omer: what’s your deal? You confuse me. You’re sandwiched in the middle of two very important holidays, Pesach and Shavuot. You are a mystery. You’re celebrated with the lighting of a fire. Why? I know why we eat matzah on Passover, I know why we eat oily food when Chanukah rolls around: These make Read More
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