Head to Head: Slavery

6 years ago Danielle Jacobson 0
In the story of Passover, we were slaves in Egypt. We endured backbreaking labor while we are forced to build cities for Pharaoh. Then, Moshe came around, taking on the job of freeing the Jewish people. The Jewish people were freed, and became their own nation. As time has passed, we have been introduced to Read More

Anti-Semitism Is Growing—But So Is Our Jewish Pride!

6 years ago Danielle Jacobson 0
A lot of people would like to think that anti-Semitism isn’t as strong as it used be, but in fact it’s growing. From where we were to where we are going, we may be faced with anti-Semitism, but our Jewish pride has never been stronger. I went to a Jewish school for seven years. One Read More
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