Social Media Isn’t Perfect

4 years ago csegal 0
Snapchat: Click, delete. Click, delete. Click, dele—eh, it’ll do. Swipe, swipe, hold it down, add a geotag—perfect. Instagram: Scroll through gallery, choose one to three. Add a filter. Type and retype a caption for a minute. Text friends for help. Thirty minutes later—perfect. Facebook: TBH, who even uses it anymore? In case you’ve missed it, Read More

Why I’m Skipping Prom–Again

5 years ago csegal 0
Yes, it’s finally officially spring. Bring on the flowers, bring on the allergies, and bring on the final exams.   But wait–it’s spring. That means it’s…   Prom season.   But, I’m not going to prom. Again.   Yeah, I know: you probably think that I’m crazy. Especially because I’m ditching it for–get this–Shabbat.   Read More

My Words Matter?

5 years ago csegal 0
“You’re so retarded.”   “OMG kill me.”   “He’s so OCD about it.”   Did any of those phrases trigger you? When one of your classmates or friends says “I want to die,” does it effect you, or do you brush it off with a laugh? We hear it all the time; in fact, I Read More

Secret Miracle

5 years ago csegal 0
Five years ago today, my world changed forever.   But, I didn’t know it yet.   Today is Purim: the holiday of secret miracles. What many don’t realize is that secret miracles aren’t only a thing of the past, but still very much of the present.   As a child, I was the shyest person Read More

Teen Talk: If Not Now, When?

5 years ago csegal 0
I first learned about the reality of world religions when I was in sixth grade. My history teacher asked my class of twenty five kids what the number one religion in the world is, and the whole class immediately responded with Christianity. When she asked for the second, I eagerly raised my hand and, with Read More

I’m a Leader?

6 years ago csegal 0
We, as the Jewish people, are all leaders; we all have leadership aspects within us. Some portray those characteristics more than others, but we all have them-each and every one of us. What does this mean? This calls for an explanation. It is well-known that for millennia, Jews have been persecuted, discriminated against, and pursued. Read More

Maror-Why Remember Exile?

6 years ago csegal 0
Maror-everyone’s favorite part of the Seder, am I right? During the Passover Seders, there are three obligatory foods that we are commanded to eat: matza, the paschal lamb, and maror. Matza, as most know, is an unleavened bread. When the Jews were leaving Egypt, they were carrying dough on their backs and the sun baked Read More

Countdown to the Shabbaton Day 3: The Sights!

6 years ago csegal 0
New York City is one of the best-known cities in the world, the most visited city in America, and the home to the CTeen International Shabbaton. NYC has many things for out-of-towners, including a diversity of food, a change of atmosphere, and, most importantly, a variety of sights. At the CTeen International Shabbaton, there are Read More

Ahavat Yisroel-The Basis of the Torah

6 years ago csegal 0
I hereby accept upon myself the positive commandment of ‘Love your fellow as yourself.’” We say this everyday before we pray, but do we really understand its meaning? The story goes like this: when asked to recite the entire Torah standing on one foot, Rabbi Hillel, one of the greatest Torah scholars, famously said that Read More


6 years ago csegal 0
I believe introductions are in store… Hi, my name is Claire Segal. I’m fifteen years old (sixteen on Rosh Hashana) and I’m a leader from CTeen Bucks County, Pennsylvania! I’m a first-generation American; I was raised in a Russian household, making it my first language. When I went to kindergarten, I had to adjust, and Read More
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