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Our hectic day-to-day lives have brought us to this point, the first step of the Passover seder. But let’s not look at this as our destination; rather, this is the beginning of our journey. We are about to embark upon an adventure. We will retell the stories of our ancestors, recount the miracles G-d performed, Read More

The Deeper Meaning of the Purim Feast

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It is that time of year again! We are days before the exciting holiday of Purim. At one time or another, most of us have eaten hamantaschen, dressed in costumes, and learned the story of Purim in a Hebrew school class when we were little. For those that do not know the story, here it Read More

Thank You CTeen!

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This past summer, I had two incredible and life-changing experiences. It began on July 4th with CTeen Xtreme. Although this was my second time, it was significantly different than my first Xtreme adventure. The previous year I barely knew how to put tefillin on myself, but this year I was getting men in and out of Read More

Dairy-Free, Raw Lemon Cheesecake

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  Graduation is a beautiful, pivotal moment when old chapters close and new ones open.  It is mascara-stained cheeks and nervous laughter.  It is the goodbye to former teachers and hello to future professors.  It is the photo of me and my best friend wearing our white caps and gowns.  It will hang on my Read More

Binah: Understanding

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Picture yourself separated from your friends, family, and even strangers by a glass wall. You can see them, and they can see you, yet the wall comes between you. You can bang and yell and shriek, but nothing breaks the glass wall. Nothing you do brings you and your loved one together. The wall is Read More

Yesod; Leaning Against The Mirror

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In Judaism, it is said that there lies a spark of divinity in every single thing on this earth, be it intangible, inanimate, or simply mundane. Although G-d isn’t manifested in any one thing, pieces of Him and His divinity can be found in everything—from the eyes of your soul mate to a leaf strewn Read More

Traditional Charoset with a Twist

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By: Danielle Collins   It’s time to stock up on matzah and break out the Seder plate because Passover is here! Growing up, my favorite part of the Passover meal was always my grandma’s apple-walnut charoset.  I would gorge myself on matzo-charoset sandwiches, leaving no room for her famous roasted chicken or noodle kugel.  This Read More

Choose to Believe We Can

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As I’ve grown older, I’ve found that the story of Pesach is one with a forever changing significance and meaning. Each year, I learn something new as I approach the story from a different perspective. As a young child the difference was far more obvious. In Pre-K the story was simplified. The Jewish people were Read More

Part of the Family

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When is the last time you stepped out of your synthetic leather comfort shoes and jumped into the oblivion of the Unknown? It’s less appealing than it sounds—I can tell you that with confidence. As of February 25th of 2016, however, I’m able to honestly reassure you that I have experienced that exact feeling. The Read More

How I Wear My Jewish Pride

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My name is Koby Lerner and I am from San Diego. I would like to share with you a small piece of my Jewish Journey and a few things I have learned along the way. I have been involved with CTeen for only a year and a half (thanks to the great Rabbi Zevi New Read More
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