Attacking Anti-Semitism; The Right Way

8 years ago Risa Mond 0

Our generation is unfortunately forced to deal with an outburst of anti-Semitism. As teens, we are expected to hear these hurtful comments, see these painful acts, and automatically know how to react properly- but do we really know how?

          Know the facts- It’s hard to formulate a genuine opinion without knowing the facts; furthermore, it’s hard to argue against someone else. Make sure to use reliable sources like,,

         Be the bigger person- When someone is in an argument, a classic defense mechanism to frustration is screaming and even more frustration. This is exactly opposite of what needs to happen. To be looked at respectably, you must also respect others. Let them have their time to speak, and then state your opinion. Not everyone will agree with your view, and as exasperating as that can be, everyone has a right to their own opinion.

          Keep up to date/Know the history- Just like we keep up with our respective countries news, it’s a must to keep up with anti-Semitic and Israeli news. I recently heard a speaker who started off by asking us questions about Israel, “When was the six day war?” “How long was the Yom Kippur war?” etc. I will admit, I knew very few answers, and my friends confessed the same thing. He then continued by stating, “For a nation to have a future, they must know their past.” We need to know what happened in the past, to continue on successfully. Our history is something we should be proud of, an inspiration to use as our driving force for the future.

          Keep your Jewish pride strong- Last but certainly not least, is to stay proud. People may say hurtful things about our land and our people, but you just have to brush it off. Our history is a remarkable, defying, and influencing one. Our ancestors fought for us to practice our rich history and customs, something we can not take for granted.

Why do we have to deal with this? A question probably all on our minds. But something I’ve learned is that G-d does not give more than we can handle. We can conquer this hardship because we are one people, one army, one voice; we are stronger together.