A Deeper Explanation to Maggid

6 years ago Noah Roffe 0

Hey CTeeners!

As you may know, the Pesach seder is a very specific and organized series of actions relating to the holiday and miracle of Pesach.  But what is the point of all those small specific actions, stories, and paragraphs that we read? What is the meaning behind them?

To fully understand the meaning behind the seder, we first have to understand the meaning behind Pesach, or better known as “Passover.”


To start, the literal translation of Pesach is “to pass over”. We call this holiday “Passover” to commemorate the miracles Hashem performed for us – specifically that he passed over the houses of the Jews during the plagues.


Did you know…

…that there are four names for this holiday?

  1. Pesach (פסח) – Passover
  2. Chag Haviv (חג האביב) – Holiday of the Spring
  3. Chag Hamatzot ( חג המצות)-  Holiday of the Matzot
  4. Zman Charuteniu (זמן חרותינו) – The Time of Freedom


While this is one reason why we call this holiday Passover, there is a deeper meaning.

The rabbis tells us that on Pesach, we are able to pass over any limits, just like Hashem passed over the natural limitations while performing miracles for us.

Pesach is a time to skip over the physical world! It is a time for self-realization, improvement, growth, and most of all, freedom.

According to Judaism, freedom is internal and not external.

What is the difference?

Internal freedom is the ability to express oneself without limitations and the self-realization of one’s emotions, whereas external freedom is the state of not being in captivity.

There was once a famous rabbi and Holocaust survivor who said the following:

“….. in the concentration camps, I felt more free than the Nazi standing next to me.”

This Rabbi truly understood that freedom has nothing to do with the physical world, and that freedom pertains solely to oneself.

Once you have understood the true meaning of freedom, you are now ready to take on any obstacles throughout the year.

As teens living in the modern world, we are greatly influenced by our emotions and social surroundings. Our personal freedoms will only be uncovered once we realize that we are independent from our emotions; they do not control us. Freedom is the ability to control your emotions and realize your individual uniqueness and potential.

This is the true concept of freedom.

Every part of the seder is designed to capture spirituality and allow ourselves to uncover freedom. While some parts of the seder might seem futile, every part contributes to the overall feeling of freedom. As we celebrate Pesach, take this tremendous opportunity to increase your self-realization, celebrate your Judaism, and enhance your life with freedom and Torah.

Have a happy Pesach!!