6 Ways You Know You’re a Part of Cteen!

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With September right around the corner, our high schools doors are beginning to open, and we’re heading out to Staples to stock up on school supplies. It’s every student’s favorite time of year! But back to school also means back to CTeen (actually the best time of the year), and in honor of this exciting occasion I present you with six surefire ways you know you’re a part of CTeen!

1. No matter where in the country you are (sometimes even world) you know someone! Whether it’s a fellow CTeen member, or Rabbi or Rebbetzin you always have someone to grab a cup of coffee with. And your friends reap the benefits as well, “Oh you’re going to be in Chicago? My friend Jacob lives there! Be sure to stay at his house for Shabbat, his mother makes the best kugel!”

2.You have such an immense amount of CTeen gear that you’ve devoted an entire drawer to. Your Shabbaton, and leadership sweatshirts, event t-shirts, hats, and lanyards, you have them all! Your outfits also always seem to consist almost entirely of this “CTeen Swag”.

3.The #1 reason you’re on Facebook is CTeen. The pictures and posts on your timeline are almost all related to CTeen, and your feed is constantly full of pictures from CTeen events (not that you’re complaining).

4. Each week you anxiously await your chapters Shabbat dinners, holiday parties, CTeen meetings, classes, regional events, and of course the International Shabbaton!

5. Whether you attend public school, or Jewish day school, when it comes to Jewish learning you’re one of the most knowledgeable kids in your class! Why? Because your CTeen chapter’s Torah and Talmud classes are too interesting and awesome to miss, and your holiday parties are not only a blast but teach you a ton! So step aside Rabbi, someone else is giving next week’s D’var Torah. 😀

6. Lastly, and most importantly your love and passion for Judaism, Israel, and Hashem is enormous! Thanks to your amazing Rabbis, Rebbetzins, fellow CTeen members, and your chapter’s fabulous events for instilling such reverence, and admiration for a Jewish way of life!

Let’s kick off an awesome new year of CTeen!