5 Misconceptions to not Pass Over

5 years ago Andegeko 0

It’s finally the time of year for Passover! A time when we learn about and celebrate the journey of the Jews out of Egypt to the land of Israel. I’m sure that during this time of year, you hear many funny misconceptions about Passover. Here are the top five.

1. “Wait, If I don’t like matzah; does that mean there’s nothing for me to eat?”

Is this really a question though? Who’s ever heard of a Jewish holiday without enough to eat?

2. The seder is long and boring.

When a lot of Jews gather together for a celebration, it can’t be boring. If you don’t believe me, think back to about a month ago when we had thousands of Jews together in Times Square.

3. What do you mean no rice?!

Well it depends–Sephardi Jews eat rice on Passover and Ashkenazi Jews do not. For me? I guess this is goodbye rice, I’ll see you after the chag.

4. Parents always hide the afikoman in a really hard place to find it.

Let me give you all a hint: it’s under your dad’s chair.

5. You should start cleaning your house for passover six months in advance.

If you do this, then I guess you’ll be prepared for Passover for most of the year, but that is definitely not some kind of Jewish law.

I hope you all enjoyed the list andenjoy your spring break! Have a happy Passover!