Turning Darkness Into a Mitzvah: CTeen Connection’s Mitzvah Challenge

5 years ago hkaplun 0

On Monday, August 14th, the New England Holocaust Memorial in downtown Boston was vandalized by a seventeen year old boy. He “hurled” rocks through a glass panel inscribed with numbers representing those tattooed on the arms of the Jews in concentration camps. This came just days after the two day White Nationalist and Neo-Nazi protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. It is upsetting and disgusting that, in 2017, we see this type of hate. I never thought that when I would get to high school, this time of hatred would continue to be as prominent, but it is still very much present in our society. After hearing about the blatant anti-Semitism in Boston, I was shocked to find out that the vandal in question is the same age as me. Another seventeen year old, who is probably also a rising senior, had the audacity to commit such a heinous and insensitive crime.

My mind keeps switching back to thoughts of the attacker. It’s difficult for me to wrap my head around the fact that he’s my age! How is it possible that he could channel his energy in such a nasty way? At the same time, it makes me think about what I can do to counteract his behavior and the behavior of people like him. The response to hatred is not more hatred, but rather increasing our positive behavior. I choose to channel my energy into doing more mitzvot, rather than acting the way that some people my age (and even older!) choose to act.

We have the opportunity to change the world together. Let’s empower each other to be the positive change in the world. It’s up to us to make a difference. I am giving you the opportunity (yes, you!) to turn hate into good and give it all you’ve got. In light of the darkness the world has seen this week, the CTeen Connection team has decided to take on one a full month of performing and adding more miztvot into our lives. We welcome you to join us! It’s on us to make the world a better place, one mitzvah at a time. Start simple, because one small act of kindness beats all hate.

Light your soul’s fire and join the challenge.