United We Stand

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By Tania Brand

Montreal, Canada

Poland is an extraordinary country to connect with our ancestors. I have read numerous novels on the Holocaust, interviewed survivors and researched a fair amount about it, and I imagined what the conditions of the Jews were, but it is completely different seeing it with my own eyes.
This trip is helping me connect with my family who survived the Holocaust and try to understand what they went through.
We visited the Lodz Ghetto, the Treblinka ghetto as well as many other locations. We saw the ovens where our ancestors were killed, the cots where the Jews they slept on, their shoes, the working places, the fences, the ghetto walls, mass graves, as well concentration camps, death camps ,and labor camps.

At the end of each day, I found myself petrified, sad, and crying about all that I saw.  I wonder, how could the Nazis be so cold-hearted? Didn’t they have families too? Why were they so heartless?
I remind myself that I am a Jew and I am alive, the Nazis failed and we are living! However, we should NEVER forget about this horrifying war and keep on learning all about it.
Everyday, we learned about what the terrifying things the Jews lived through. What was amazing about Poland was how we managed to end each day on a positive note. This trip has been incredible; we cry together, but we also smile and dance together and celebrate all that we have accomplished as Jews. We should never forget what the Jews went through and keep on passing it on from generation to generation. We should continue doing mitzvot and spreading positivity because at the end of the day, we are stronger than ever and always growing stronger!  עם ישראל חי