10 Ways to Support Israel!

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Let’s show Israel support during these trying times!

CharityCharity: Give a little (or a lot) of extra charity. Use that extra dollar you would have spent on a candy bar to help our brethren in Israel. There are so many great causes in Israel that need our help right now! Here are a few.

Study Torah

Study: Learn some extra Torah. This could mean learning for a few minutes in between classes, or spending an entire day with your rabbi. Do what works for you!Good Deeds! Take on a mitzvah (good deed). The possibilities are endless— you have have 613 to chose from! Some examples of popular mitzvot are lighting Shabbat candles (for women and girls), wrapping tefillin (for men and boys over the age of thirteen).

Say Tehillim

Say Tehillim! Saying Tehillim (Psalms) is a great way to show support for Israel and pray for peace. You can find a bunch online and recite them in English or in Hebrew.

Voice Your Prayers

Voice Your Prayers! Don’t know how to use a prayerbook? Simply sending out a prayer to Hashem in your own words can help too.

Use Social Media

Use Social Media! What’s social media here for if not to spread the truth regarding Israel? Follow pages like AIPAC, the IDF, Stand with Us and share their posts. Tweet, blog, and share the truth about Israel to everyone you know.


Rally! Set up an event or rally to show your support. Make sure you keep it peaceful and informative!


Fundraise! Organize a fundraiser for Israeli soldiers and war victims. There are hundreds of families in Israel who can use your help right now. Host a bake-a-thon, a challah baking contest (who doesn’t love challah?!), or even a fashion show. The opportunities to give back are endless!

Connect with Israelis!

Connect with Israelis! Call all your friends and family in Israel to send your love and support. I’m sure they’ll appreciate knowing you’re thinking of them.

Share what you know

Share Your Knowledge! Share what you know. Be an advocate for truth and peace wherever you go, be it school, at social events, or even within your own family. It’s up to you to tell the world what’s really going on in Israel. You can be the voice for change.

Am Yisrael Chai!