10 AMAZING Things That Happen at Every CTeen NYC Shabbaton

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By the CTeen Connection Staff

It’s that time of year again! The CTeen NYC Shabbaton is only THREE weeks away! Who’s excited?! In preparation for this awesome, fun, exciting, exhilarating, inspiring event, here’s our list of 10 things that are bound to happen at every CTeen NYC Shabbaton:

Epic New Friendships!

With over two thousand teens arriving from around the world, the Shabbaton is an awesome opportunity to meet and make new friends. No one has ever walked away from the Shabbaton without making at least one new friend or two. The best part? You’ll have pen pals and travel buddies for life!

2) Great Food!

What’s better than getting together with a bunch of your friends for an awesome weekend? Getting together and eating awesome food! With an off the charts menu and round the clock noshing, you’ll never go hungry!

3) Inspiration!


From Workshops, to lectures, to late night DMCs. there’s always something to learn and become inspired by. If you’re interested in kicking your learning into high gear, then his year’s second annual Educational Track is for you! Sign up at cteen.com/shabbaton.

4) The sights!


Whether this will be your first trip to New York or your tenth, you know there’s nothing quite like touring the eye popping sights of Manhattan! From Double decker tours to ferry rides and more, you’ll get to experience NYC’s greatest tourist attractions in (CTeen) style!

5) Disconnect to Connect


One of the highlights of the CTeen Shabbaton is Shabbat. For twenty-five hours, we disconnect from technology, from thinking about homework and tests, and have the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy the Shabbat spirit. Get ready for an EPIC Shabbat experience, complete with singing, dancing, a lavish Shabbat meal, and a chance to experience Shabbat with a local family.

6) Crown Heights


In these four days, you’ll get to know the amazing neighborhood that is Crown Heights, Brooklyn. From luxurious Kosher ice cream parlors to the Jewish Children’s Museum and 770, this experience will bring Judaism to life!

7) Taking over Times Square!


Let’s get real: There is nothing quite like standing in the middle of Times Square with thousands of other CTeeners, singing, dancing, and seeing YOUR face on the Times Square giant screens. Jewish Pride never felt so good!

8) Jewish Celebrity Sightings


Dmitry Salita, Alex Clare, Gad Elbaz…need we go on?! This year’s in house Jewish Celebrities will be 8th Day. You may recognize them from this AWESOME CTeen music video featuring some of our very own CTeeners!

9) CTeen Choice Awards!


Nothing, and we mean NOTHING beats out the CTeen Choice Awards. Can you feel the vibe?

10) Jewish Pride


Because I’m a Jew! A proud one too! Start practicing the CTeen theme song and get ready to SHOUT IT OUT LOUD at the CTeen NYC Shabbaton! Woohoo!

What are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments!