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Getting the Facts Straight

Julia Rozenfeld 1 week ago  0
With many opposing views and false news circulating the media, it is difficult to find the facts on what... Read More

An Open Letter to my CTeen Best Friends

hkaplun 3 weeks ago  0
Dear CTeen friends,  Wow. Somehow I blinked, and my five years of CTeen have flown by. As graduation rapidly... Read More

Are Tattoos Taboo? (The Torah’s Take)

Hannah Butcher 4 weeks ago  0
In December, after I turned 18, the first thing my friends asked me was if I was going to... Read More

Lashon Hara

hkaplun 4 weeks ago  0
We’ve all heard the phrase “easier said than done.” Ya, know “I’m going to start waking up earlier” “I’m... Read More

Israel in my soul

sfranco 1 month ago  0
Israel has been a huge part of my life my whole life. I am often asked why. Why do... Read More

Shavuot: Revisited

Emilio Chayo 1 month ago  0
Once again we come closer to another wonderful Jewish holiday, and what better holiday is there but Shavuot? The... Read More

Why I’m Skipping Prom–Again

csegal 1 month ago  0
Yes, it’s finally officially spring. Bring on the flowers, bring on the allergies, and bring on the final exams.... Read More

My Florida Shabbaton Experience

Leighest 1 month ago  0
The Shabbaton was one of the best experiences I have had in many years. My name is Elliot, I... Read More

Bonfires, S’mores, and Way More!

sweiss 2 months ago  0
Lag Ba’Omer is a festive Jewish holiday that lands on the 33rd day of the Omer count. A day... Read More

Unity in Fire

Emilio Chayo 2 months ago  0
Lag B’omer: what’s your deal? You confuse me. You’re sandwiched in the middle of two very important holidays, Pesach... Read More

My Florida Shabbaton Experience

ssalles 2 months ago  0
This weekend I had an amazing, spiritual experience with my Florida Mishpacha at the 1st annual Florida shabbaton. I... Read More

Rewind: Tri-State Regional Shabbaton in DC!

Leighest 2 months ago  0
By Sarah Strent // West Suffolk, NY If I was to choose two words to sum up this past... Read More
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