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Anxiety and the Torah

Hannah Butcher 2 days ago  0
Anxiety is a common feeling that many of us have experienced. It’s uncomfortable, and the symptoms vary from person... Read More

Passover Seder – Shulchan Orech

yhazan 1 week ago  0
Seder means order and on Passover, there are two nights in which a seder takes place. Fun Fact: There... Read More

Maror-Why Remember Exile?

csegal 2 weeks ago  0
Maror-everyone’s favorite part of the Seder, am I right? During the Passover Seders, there are three obligatory foods that... Read More

The meaning of “Next year in Jerusalem”

ssalles 3 weeks ago  0
When I was younger, my family would host Passover seders every year. Each year, when we reached the phrase... Read More

Motzei Matzah

ssalles 3 weeks ago  0
Now it’s time to finally eat matzah for the first time of the seder-have no fear! This is the... Read More


klerner 3 weeks ago  0
Our hectic day-to-day lives have brought us to this point, the first step of the Passover seder. But let’s... Read More

A Deeper Explanation to Maggid

nroffe 3 weeks ago  0
Hey CTeeners! As you may know, the Pesach seder is a very specific and organized series of actions relating... Read More


swinawer 3 weeks ago  0
After having a delicious meal with our families, it’s time to thank G-d for all the food we just... Read More

Passover Games

swinawer 3 weeks ago  0
Since Pesach is around the corner, here are some games to spice up the holiday prep. Play these with... Read More

Tasting Judaism at the D.C. Shabbaton

Leighest 3 weeks ago  0
Jake Snedeker, Woodcliff Lake, NJ   My name is Jake Snedeker from CTeen of Woodcliff Lake. As many of... Read More

Passover Pancakes

ssalles 3 weeks ago  0
Passover Pancakes   This recipe has been all over the Internet! Not only is it easy, but it’s vegetarian... Read More

My Washington D.C. Shabbaton Experience

Leighest 3 weeks ago  0
My Washington Shabbaton Experience   Alex Andelsman, West Suffolk, NY   My name is Alex Andelsman from CTeen West... Read More
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