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How High Can You Score On This High Holidays Quiz?

Shayna Solkowitz 5 days ago  0
Put your knowledge to the test with this new quiz about the high holidays!! Read More

Meet Rebeca

Rebeca Price 2 weeks ago  0
Hi. My name is Rebeca Price. I was born in San Antonio, I grew up in Chicago, and I... Read More

Introducing Zach

Zach Marcus 2 weeks ago  0
Yo. I’m Zach. I’m a rising senior from Basking Ridge, a small town in New Jersey, and I have... Read More

Ekev, a Dvar Torah

Quincy Barret 2 weeks ago  0
Hi! My name is Quincy, I live in Manchester and this year, I am venturing into the world of... Read More

Shluchim: Wellsprings of Judaism

Sarah Hinkediker 2 weeks ago  0
Have you ever heard the saying “Where there is Starbucks, there is Chabad?” This is extremely true! All around... Read More

CTeen West Suffolk Annual Banquet Overview

Sarah Strent 2 weeks ago  0
Cteen West Suffolk Annual Banquet Overview By: Sarah Strent June 4th, 2018 was an unforgettable night! Many of you... Read More


Orli Richman 2 weeks ago  0
“There are Jews in Stony Brook?!” This question is a common one and I’m proud to say that yes... Read More

Chabad in America (part 1)

Jessica Kiroff 3 weeks ago  0
From Haven to Home, the Chabad movement in America is by far one of the most prevalent and strongest... Read More

Who is Lynette?

Lynette Martin 3 weeks ago  0
Cteen has made such a positive impact on my life and has allowed me to meet other Jewish teens... Read More

The Start of Something New

sfranco 4 weeks ago  0
From the first time I arrived in Crown Heights, on the first day of the NYC Shabbaton in 9th... Read More

Seminary? Shluchim? The Powers of a Farbrengen

Shayna Solkowitz 2 months ago  0
What… a… weekend. This weekend I went to the CTeen 5th annual leadership retreat for the first time. We... Read More

Getting the Facts Straight

Julia Rozenfeld 2 months ago  0
With many opposing views and false news circulating the media, it is difficult to find the facts on what... Read More
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