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CTeen Connection’s Guide to an Awesome Passover Seder

Shai Fichtelberg 3 days ago  0
This year, all around the world, many Jewish families will be hosting their first Pesach Seder at home. This... Read More

CTeen Channel

Adina Ichilov 2 weeks ago  0
By Sarah Strent//CTeen of West Suffolk, New York We are living history. We are experiencing life during the worldwide... Read More

Finding Our Inner Jew in Hard Times

Adina Ichilov 2 weeks ago  0
By Abigail Pool//CTeen of Bucks County, Pennsylvania It feels like a lifetime ago when we all first heard of... Read More

The Shabbaton: A weekend to change the world

Adina Ichilov 2 weeks ago  0
In honor of one month since the CTeen Shabbaton, we bring you this reflection by Rachel Arrouas from CTeen... Read More

Heritage Quest Changed Everything

Shai Fichtelberg 3 weeks ago  0
By Allan Feldman// CTeen of Palo Alto, California I am not very religious. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly... Read More

Throwback: Operation MItzvah

Leighest 3 weeks ago  0
By Miriam Gabai//CTeen of Conejo, California Editor’s Note: Our awesome teen staff at CTeen Connection is working hard to... Read More

Shabbaton Digital Memory Jar

Adina Ichilov 1 month ago  0
For 4 days out of the year, Jewish teens from 24 different countries come together for an epic weekend... Read More

Tips For The INTL Shabbaton

Shai Fichtelberg 2 months ago  0
Going to the CTeen INTL Shabbaton for the first, or even second or third time can be the most... Read More

To Be A Jew

Shayna Solkowitz 3 months ago  0
Written by: Rose Chaya Cohen, CTeen Harrisburg, PA Yes I’m a Jew Stop acting like it’s something new I’m... Read More

Happy Chanukah from your Editors!

Adina Ichilov 4 months ago  0
Here are family recipes from each of your editors. We wanted to share a part of our traditions with... Read More

Thankful for CTeen

Shai Fichtelberg 4 months ago  0
As we look through our years, or maybe only our months, at CTeen we see there is so much... Read More

MidWest Shabbaton Recap

Shai Fichtelberg 5 months ago  0
This year, I had the opportunity to go—as the only Californian—to the Midwest TGIS Shabbaton with CTeen Naperville. It... Read More
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