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Easy Back To School Recipes

ssalles 1 day ago  0
  Back to school is here but you have nothing to fear. Make breakfast and lunch stress-free with these... Read More

Turning Darkness Into a Mitzvah: CTeen Connection’s Mitzvah Challenge

hkaplun 4 days ago  0
On Monday August 14th, the New England Holocaust Memorial in downtown Boston was vandalized by a seventeen  year old... Read More

Be a Thermostat

Leighest 4 days ago  0
A short anecdote for the beginning of the school year by Koby Lerner, CTeen S. Diego. According to,... Read More

From CTeen to Jerusalem

Leighest 7 days ago  0
By Netanel Ashkenazi, S. Antonio, TX Waking up every  morning for the past four years to get ready for... Read More

My Journey to Judaism

Leighest 7 days ago  0
Olivia Rubinsky, Palm Springs, California This article is an excerpt of a speech that I wrote for the JLI... Read More

Parshat Va’etchanan

Sarah Hinkediker 2 weeks ago  0
In this week’s parsha, Moses tells Am Israel (the people of Israel) how he begged Hashem to allow him to enter the... Read More


eglazer 4 weeks ago  0
There’s a bunch of words that can be used to describe the past three weeks that I spent on... Read More


Leighest 4 weeks ago  0
Ashley Brauning, CTeen of Solano County, CA When I joined Heritage Quest this summer, I thought I had Judaism figured out.... Read More

Reflections on Poland

Leighest 1 month ago  0
Yesterday, (July 5th) began as a regular day in Poland. My roommate and I woke up, talked, and got... Read More

Leadership Retreat Recap 5777/2017

Leighest 2 months ago  0
By Carly Tamer, West Suffolk County, NY CTeen is truly a sensational, powerful community. Just over a year ago,... Read More

My Experience at the CTeen Leadership Retreat

Leighest 2 months ago  0
Aaron Cohen, Mequon, WI When I found out in May that I was going to be a leader for... Read More

The Story of My Hebrew Name

Leighest 2 months ago  0
By Olivia Rubinsky, Palm Springs, California Recently, I had an amazing opportunity to attend the CTeen Leadership Retreat. At... Read More
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