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Parsha Nitzavim

Orli Richman 3 weeks ago  0
“Atem Nitzavim hayom coolchem leefney hashem elocechem” You are standing here today before the lord your G-d. Just like... Read More

Do’s and Don’ts of Missing School for the Holidays

Leighest 3 weeks ago  0
By Ariel Lotman School is extremely tough. It takes up almost all of our time. It forces us to... Read More

I Tried It- Cholov Yisroel

Shayna Solkowitz 3 weeks ago  0
So, Kosher. We know about keeping meat and milk separate, about Kosher symbols, Kosher wine. But, did you know... Read More

How to Tackle the College Process

Adina Ichilov 4 weeks ago  0
My name is Adina Ichilov and I am a senior from CTeen San Antonio. Let’s face it, the college... Read More

Kickoff Events Kickoff Around the World

Shayna Solkowitz 1 month ago  0
The CTeen year has officially begun! With kickoff events happening from Israel to Knoxville, TN,  and even a regional... Read More

Six Flags Regional Event

Mitchel Zilbershteyn 2 months ago  0
As school starts up, CTeeners from all over the Tri-state area gathered together at Six Flags to start off... Read More

What Poland Taught Me

Leighest 2 months ago  0
By Elie Glaser/Leeds, England Before attending Heritage Quest, I had read many books and seen movies about the Holocaust,... Read More

Meet Our Leaders!

Leighest 2 months ago  0
By Adina Ichilov/S. Antonio, TX The start to the new school year also means the start of a new... Read More

Finding My Heritage

Leighest 2 months ago  0
By Shai Fichtelberg/ Sonoma County, CA I’m not gonna lie—at first, I was hesitant about attending CTeen’s Heritage Quest... Read More

Beha’alote’cha, a Dvar Torah

Leighest 4 months ago  0
By Quincy Barrett, CTeen Manchester, UK Like many students in the UK, I have just finished my High School... Read More

Connections Are Essential in Life

Shayna Solkowitz 4 months ago  0
This ‘Ted Talk’ was delivered at my Chabad house for Shavout all night learning, enjoy 🙂 Hey everyone! If... Read More

United As One

Leighest 6 months ago  0
By Ariel Lotman Every week across the globe, Jews ranging from different religious orientations and sects come together, as... Read More
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