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A Lit Time in NY

Leighest 6 days ago  0
Elizabeth Ossowska//Edmonton, Canada As featured in the Edmonton Jewish newspaper! As February came to a close, eleven Jewish teens... Read More

A Shabbaton To Remember

Leighest 1 week ago  0
CTeen of Singers Hill shares their recap of their EPIC trip to New York for the CTeen Shabbaton. Davina:... Read More

What CTeen Means to Me

Leighest 1 week ago  0
A version of this article can be seen in this year’s CTeen Connection magazine. My name is Quincy, and... Read More

The Shocking Lessons I Learned at the CTeen International Shabbaton

Shayna Solkowitz 3 weeks ago  0
I was asked to write about one aspect of the International Shabbaton that affected me the most. The only... Read More

The Value of Shabbat

Leighest 3 weeks ago  0
Recently a guy in my school asked me what I do without my phone on Shabbat. I told him... Read More

Teen Talk: Maintaining Jewish Identity and Pride in the Public Atmosphere

Leighest 3 weeks ago  0
My name is Ariel Lotman. I am a leader for CTeen Milwaukee in Wisconsin, and I am a sophomore... Read More

Teen Talk: What Does It Mean To Be A Jew?

Leighest 3 weeks ago  0
Hi all! my name is Mitchel Zilbershteyn. I am a high school junior representing CTeen of Bucks County. I’m... Read More

Is There Balance Between Judaism and Being an Average Teen?

Shayna Solkowitz 1 month ago  0
Do you ever feel like you’re living a double life? I do, sometimes. How do you find the balance... Read More

My First Shiva Call

hkaplun 3 months ago  0
Today, I paid my first shiva call, for someone I’d never met before. A seemingly strange thing, until you... Read More

Tu B’shvat: Actualization vs Potential

Orli Richman 3 months ago  0
In Jewish teaching, we are taught about four new years. The first as we know is Rosh Hashanah but... Read More

Chanukah’s Over…Now What?

Leighest 3 months ago  0
Chanukah is my favorite holiday. In my opinion, it is the best Jewish holiday there is.It is a time... Read More

Parsha Bereshit In Honor of Eliyahu Moscowitz HYD

Andrew Stein 6 months ago  0
בראשית ברא אל״הים… In the beginning, Hashem created the world. How long did it take to create the world... Read More
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