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Finding My Heritage

Leighest 5 hours ago  0
By Shai Fichtelberg/ Sonoma County, CA I’m not gonna lie—at first, I was hesitant about attending CTeen’s Heritage Quest... Read More

Beha’alote’cha, a Dvar Torah

Leighest 2 months ago  0
By Quincy Barrett, CTeen Manchester, UK Like many students in the UK, I have just finished my High School... Read More

Connections Are Essential in Life

Shayna Solkowitz 2 months ago  0
This ‘Ted Talk’ was delivered at my Chabad house for Shavout all night learning, enjoy 🙂 Hey everyone! If... Read More

United As One

Leighest 4 months ago  0
By Ariel Lotman Every week across the globe, Jews ranging from different religious orientations and sects come together, as... Read More

I’d Fly Across the World For CTeen!

Leighest 4 months ago  0
This past Monday I got up at 6am and hopped on a two our train to my country’s capital... Read More

My First (Chassidic) Wedding

Shayna Solkowitz 5 months ago  0
It’s crazy to think that I haven’t even know Chaya for a full six months. It’s even crazier to... Read More

All About Tzniut

Sarah Hinkediker 5 months ago  0
Tzniut, or modesty is one of the principles of judaism and it applies to both men and women. It... Read More

What I Learned at the DC Shabbaton

Leighest 5 months ago  0
By Lauren LosakWhat did I learn from attending the CTeen regional Shabbaton in Washington D.C.? Well, let me start... Read More

Symbols of Purim: Megilah, Masks, and…Modesty?

Leighest 5 months ago  0
By Samara Smukler//Boca Raton, FL With the joyous festival of Purim behind us, it’s time to reflect on what... Read More

What Purim Teaches Us About Unity

Noah Roffe 5 months ago  0
Purim is easily the most joyful and happy Jewish holiday of the year. It is known that the entire... Read More

A Lit Time in NY

Leighest 5 months ago  0
Elizabeth Ossowska//Edmonton, Canada As featured in the Edmonton Jewish newspaper! As February came to a close, eleven Jewish teens... Read More

A Shabbaton To Remember

Leighest 5 months ago  0
CTeen of Singers Hill shares their recap of their EPIC trip to New York for the CTeen Shabbaton. Davina:... Read More
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