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TGIS 2020

Shai Fichtelberg 1 week ago  0
Rachel Rouhani//CTeen Plano, Texas  Sophie Edelstein//CTeen Milwaukee,Wisconsin What is TGIS you ask? TGIS stands for “Thank Gosh It’s Shabbat!”... Read More

CTeen Gone Virtual!

Shai Fichtelberg 1 month ago  0
Katie Freedman// CTeen Manchester, UK During this pandemic, meeting up with friends and family has become a great challenge... Read More

CTeen Kickoffs

Shai Fichtelberg 2 months ago  0
Allan Feldman// CTeen Palo Alto, CA The new year has kicked off for CTeen chapters around the world, and... Read More

Dear Leigh,

Adina Ichilov 5 months ago  0
Everyone who is a part of this incredible project has the privilege of knowing Leigh Hershkovich-loffe. If you do... Read More

Top 5 things to do during Corona…Inspired by the Rebbe!

Shai Fichtelberg 7 months ago  0
By Elie Glaser// CTeen of Leeds 1. Learn some Torah! Are you always making a mental note to learn... Read More

Using our time to grow

Sarah Hinkediker 7 months ago  0
As most of us may know, the world right now is in going through a pandemic. Most of us... Read More

Keeping Sane During Quarantine

Adina Ichilov 7 months ago  0
By: Mitchel Zilbershteyn Quarantine. This phrase has been thrown around a lot recently, with everyone telling one another how... Read More

The Mitzvah of Tefillin

Adina Ichilov 7 months ago  0
Written by: Michael Mandel Every day I put on my pair of Tefillin and feel a strong and great... Read More

Diving Deeper into the Holiday of Pesach

Shayna Solkowitz 8 months ago  0
Chametz; ‘passing over’; the Seder.  There are so many different aspects of Pesach. I have always known some things... Read More

CTeen Connection’s Guide to an Awesome Passover Seder

Shai Fichtelberg 8 months ago  0
This year, all around the world, many Jewish families will be hosting their first Pesach Seder at home. This... Read More

CTeen Channel

Adina Ichilov 8 months ago  0
By Sarah Strent//CTeen of West Suffolk, New York We are living history. We are experiencing life during the worldwide... Read More

Finding Our Inner Jew in Hard Times

Adina Ichilov 8 months ago  0
By Abigail Pool//CTeen of Bucks County, Pennsylvania It feels like a lifetime ago when we all first heard of... Read More
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