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The Power of Youth during the Holocaust

Noah Roffe 6 days ago  0
Youth organizations have had an integral role in the preservation of Jewish beliefs throughout the years. Through physical action,... Read More

Yom HaShoa Poems

Leighest 7 days ago  0
By Itamar Aviani//Panama Six Million How innocent the child was born Into an empire full of hatred Not knowing... Read More

First Generation Freedom

Leighest 3 weeks ago  0
by Sarelle Franco/Los Alamitos, CA I take a lot of pride in being a first generation American. My mother’s... Read More

5 Misconceptions to not Pass Over

Andegeko 3 weeks ago  0
It’s finally the time of year for Passover! A time when we learn about and celebrate the journey of... Read More

Personal Freedom in the 21st Century

Noah Roffe 3 weeks ago  0
The holiday of Pesach is all about being free. Around 3330 years ago, Hashem took our ancestors out of... Read More

Don’t Passover this Holiday!

Bmiller 3 weeks ago  0
Most people dread the holiday of Passover because of the eating restrictions, like not eating bread. I am not... Read More

Teen Talk: Emilio Chayo

Leighest 4 weeks ago  0
Once upon a time, there was a sixteen-year-old boy. The boy learned that, because of how his cards had... Read More

How One Weekend Changed My Life

Leighest 1 month ago  0
By Sarelle Franco/Los Alamitos, CA How one weekend changed my life The CTeen International Shabbaton is one of the... Read More

My Words Matter?

csegal 1 month ago  0
“You’re so retarded.”   “OMG kill me.”   “He’s so OCD about it.”   Did any of those phrases... Read More

My Shabbaton 5778 Experience

ssalles 1 month ago  0
February 22, 2018(Thursday) Dear CTeeners, Shabbaton 5778 was incredible and inspiring. My journey started at 4:40am, when I headed... Read More


Leighest 1 month ago  0
By, Zachary Schulman/Philadelphia, PA/11th Grade The AIPAC Conference is something that I look forward to every year. For those... Read More

10 Shabbaton Lessons to Remember for Life

Hannah Butcher 1 month ago  0
Last week, I participated in my final International Shabbaton as a CTeener. My favorite part of each Shabbaton has... Read More
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