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The Best CTeen Shabbaton Yet!

Leighest 1 week ago  0
Rebecca Ross, Manchester, England   Never did I ever think that I would enjoy this shabbaton more than I... Read More

Anti-Semitism Is Growing—But So Is Our Jewish Pride!

Danielle Jacobson 1 week ago  0
A lot of people would like to think that anti-Semitism isn’t as strong as it used be, but in... Read More

Coming Together in Spite of Darkness

Oryah Lahijani 1 week ago  0
It is 10:30 A.M. on a beautiful sunny day. I just finished my second class of the day. I... Read More

Keeping the Purim Happiness Alive

sweiss 1 week ago  0
Purim is over, we need to make sure we carry out the tremendous happiness throughout the rest of the... Read More

The Purim Connection

yhazan 1 week ago  0
What is a Jew? Where does the word “Jew” even come from? In a world overflowing with search engines... Read More

My CTeen Experience

Leighest 2 weeks ago  0
Miki Dubery, Irvine, CA On February 22, my two best friends and I took off from LAX to JFK, where... Read More

The Deeper Meaning of the Purim Feast

klerner 2 weeks ago  0
It is that time of year again! We are days before the exciting holiday of Purim. At one time... Read More

Esther: The Ultimate Heroine

hkaplun 2 weeks ago  0
If you ask almost any little girl what what they are dressing up as for Purim, the answer will... Read More

Taking a gap year

swinawer 2 weeks ago  0
Hey guys! Exciting news! I’m taking a gap year to go study in Israel! Woohoo! For those of you... Read More

My CTeen Shabbaton Experience!

Andegeko 2 weeks ago  0
Hey everyone! Tomer here. I want to share my thoughts about one of the best experiences of my life,... Read More

My CTeen Family

Leighest 2 weeks ago  0
By Julia Gozman, Bucks County, PA 2000 teens. One weekend. One experience. To laugh, to cry, to love. To... Read More

My CTeen Moment

Leighest 2 weeks ago  0
By Sara Freer, Ulster County, NY My name is Sara Freer and I am the leader of Ulster County’s... Read More
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