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sweiss 3 days ago  0
       Motzei Shabbat  (Saturday night), as 2000+ of us teens meet in Times Square in New York City, emotions and... Read More

My Ohel Experience

Hank Loeb 4 days ago  0
Last year, on the final day of the CTeen Shabbaton, I went to the Ohel for the very first... Read More

Things that could only happen at the NYC Shabbaton!

Leighest 5 days ago  0
By Carly Tamer/West Suffolk County, NY With the 10th Annual NYC Shabbaton coming up, let’s take a look back... Read More

The Mitzvah of Tzniut

Leighest 3 weeks ago  0
Sarelle Franco/ Los Alamitos, California I definitely stand out in a crowd. As the representative of the Jewish nation... Read More

Amazing Fruits To Try

ssalles 4 weeks ago  0
In honor of Tu B’Shevat here are some amazing fruits to try that are honestly amazing! Amazing fruits to... Read More

My Life Before and After the Shabbaton

Sarah Hinkediker 4 weeks ago  0
Last year, I attended my first CTeen International NYC Shabbaton with my chapter, CTeen Panama. The trip really made... Read More

“I Tried It!” – Modeh Ani

Hannah Butcher 4 weeks ago  0
For two weeks, I said Modeh Ani, one of the most important Jewish prayers, before I began each day.... Read More

How We Experience The Miracles of Chanukah Everyday

ssalles 2 months ago  0
Chanukah is a very special holiday celebrating the miracle that occurred in the second Beit Hamikdash thousands of years... Read More

9 Questions with Meir Kay

Noah Roffe 2 months ago  0
Meir Kay is a Jewish celebrity who devoted his life in educating others on self-value, spreading happiness/simcha/positivity, and making... Read More

The Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Noah Roffe 3 months ago  0
December 06, 2017 will always be an historic date for Jewish nation. On this day, the President of the... Read More

6 Things You Need to Know About Media Bias

Noah Roffe 4 months ago  0
Hey CTeeners, I am writing today to bring a very important problem to your attention. The media has a... Read More

A Jewish Approach on “Me Too”

hkaplun 4 months ago  0
As a seventeen-year-old girl preparing to head to college, there is a lot on my mind: Will my roommate... Read More
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