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Is There Balance Between Judaism and Being an Average Teen?

Shayna Solkowitz 1 week ago  0
Do you ever feel like you’re living a double life? I do, sometimes. How do you find the balance... Read More

My First Shiva Call

hkaplun 2 months ago  0
Today, I paid my first shiva call, for someone I’d never met before. A seemingly strange thing, until you... Read More

Tu B’shvat: Actualization vs Potential

Orli Richman 2 months ago  0
In Jewish teaching, we are taught about four new years. The first as we know is Rosh Hashanah but... Read More

Chanukah’s Over…Now What?

Leighest 2 months ago  0
Chanukah is my favorite holiday. In my opinion, it is the best Jewish holiday there is.It is a time... Read More

Parsha Bereshit In Honor of Eliyahu Moscowitz HYD

Andrew Stein 4 months ago  0
בראשית ברא אל״הים… In the beginning, Hashem created the world. How long did it take to create the world... Read More

Starting the New Year Right: Mind, Body, and Soul

Leighest 5 months ago  0
By Samara Smukler Rosh Hashanah is just around the corner, and as everyone makes their resolutions for the year... Read More

Don’t Waste your Rosh Hashanah

Zach Marcus 5 months ago  0
As school starts again and our lives are getting back to normal, we are suddenly interrupted by the unusually... Read More

My CTeen Summer Experience

Leighest 5 months ago  0
By Evabella Serebro It started in New York where none of us knew each other and only some of... Read More

My Long Lost Family History

Leighest 5 months ago  0
By Julia Landes It all started in Poland at the death camp named Treblinka. When walking into Treblinka it... Read More

Social Media Isn’t Perfect

csegal 5 months ago  0
Snapchat: Click, delete. Click, delete. Click, dele—eh, it’ll do. Swipe, swipe, hold it down, add a geotag—perfect. Instagram: Scroll... Read More

Understanding the Touchy Topic of Shomer Negiah

Shayna Solkowitz 6 months ago  0
“I’m sorry but I can’t shake your hand for religious reasons.” This is what a lot of people who... Read More

Gad Elbaz Came to Our Kickoff!

Leighest 6 months ago  0
You know CTeen is incredibly cool when Gad Elbaz just shows up at your chapter’s Kickoff event. Yep, Gad... Read More
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