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Shabbaton Countdown, Day 9: Staying Up All Night!

eglazer 12 hours ago  0
Hey everyone! Emily Glazer here. Can’t believe the Shabbaton is only a few days away!! One of the best... Read More

Countdown to the Shabbaton, Day 8!

mhausman 1 day ago  0
From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, you will never be bored during the Shabbaton! This... Read More

Shababton Countdown, Day 7: The Learning!

yhazan 2 days ago  0
    Only one week left until we all unite as one and feel that pride, love, strong energy... Read More

It’s (not) the End of an Era

bbursk 2 days ago  0
This is it; the insane spiral of emotions, the joy, the pride, the friendships, and a little bit of... Read More

Shabbat Countdown Day 6: Times Square

tandegeko 3 days ago  0
Right after the best Shabbat, we’re hopping on the subway heading to the best party you’ve ever been to.... Read More

Shabbaton Countdown Day 5: Shabbat!

Leighest 4 days ago  0
By Zack Horowitz I don’t know about you guys, but for me, the ultimate part of the Shabbaton is... Read More

Shabbaton Countdown Day 4: Jewish Pride Alive!

Leighest 5 days ago  0
By Netanel Ashkenazi Walking around the streets of NY and seeing so many Jewish people, teens especially was definitely... Read More

Countdown to the Shabbaton Day 3: The Sights!

csegal 6 days ago  0
NYC is one of the best-known cities in the world, the most visited city in America, and the home... Read More

Countdown to the Shabbaton, Day 2: Culture

Bmiller 1 week ago  0
  Hey everyone! Barri Miller from CTeen Bucks County, Pennsylvania here. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all... Read More

Countdown to the Shabbaton, Day 1!

hkaplun 2 weeks ago  0
If there was ever a place to make 2,000 new friends, it’s the CTeen International Shabbaton. You meet so... Read More

Who Runs the World?

eglazer 3 weeks ago  0
Have you ever wondered about Feminism in Judaism? What does the Torah have to say about the role of... Read More

Share the Truth

yhazan 1 month ago  0
The Jewish world was once again torn apart today  (January 8th) following a terrorist attack that happened in Jerusalem.... Read More
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